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About us

The Saanenland Traffic Cadets

  • Who are we?

    The Saanenland Traffic Cadets are an association that provides services in the area of road traffic.

  • Founding

    The association was founded by Urs Wittwer more than 20 years ago and is firmly anchored in the Saanenland region.

  • Active members

    Currently, our association consists of six board members, ten operation leaders, seven group leaders and around 20 traffic cadets.

The Board

Marco Romang


Stefan Nussbaum

Vice President

Pascal Jung

Technical Manager

Philipp Würsten

Operation Leader

Simon Frautschi

Material Manager

Angelika Steiner


Denise Reichenbach


Honorary members


Urs Witter

Founding President

Former Board

Marcel von Grünigen

Former President

Daniel Reichenbach

Former Vice President

Patric Seewer

Former Vice President